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The list of best books to get you through the NEET way!

Are you a NEET Aspirant and want to get selected in the National Eligibility Entrance Test with flying colors? Actually, you are not alone. Million of students who are preparing for their NEET exams face quite a bit of difficulty in many areas of their preparation, the biggest being the book confusion! Many students make the biggest mistake by buying any random NEET books without even knowing if it's any good for their time and effort and ending up not getting selected.

Many books cannot meet the level of NEET exam, being knockoffs of other low standard books and are priced very low to attract student for buying their books. This not only spoils the level of your knowledge but also wipes out one glorious year from their life.

To help out students Amit Book Depot has brought to you the best books for NEET and other NEET study material that not only is worth your time and effort but also, will elaborate your knowledge about different subjects and topics that will help you during your entrance exams. Amit Book Depot is the top leading Bookstore in Chandigarh that has a huge collection of Top Selling Books for preparation of Entrance Exams such as NEET, JEE, GATE, AIIMS MBA, UGC, IELTS and lots me. We even have quality stationery products for students as well as for office use.

Here are our top recommended books for NEET divided into three different Sections viz. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. All these books are available at Amit Book Depot with exciting offers for students.

1) Complete NEET Guide Biology by MTG

MTG NEET Books for biology are quite popular among NEET Aspirants as their book covers almost every single topic, be it a tiny one. This book covers the full syllabus of class 11 and 12 combined together for a better knowledge. It is also loaded with brief theory, flowcharts, illustrative tables and an MCQ section for a thorough practice.

2) Biology for NEET by Arihant

If one has to choose a complete package for their preparation, Arihant NEET books should be undoubtedly in the student's study cart. These books are carefully designed to be exam-oriented by covering every single question that they think is crucial for the examination. Made after complete research and analysis this books sure has a lot to offer for the NEET Aspirants.

3) Trueman's Elementary Biology by M.P Tyagi

It is another great book for the NEET Aspirant by M.P Tyagi that covers all the important topics as well as a nicely designed section for the revision of all the topics. Almost every unit contains various questions to make the student do well in the NEET exam.


1) Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS for NEET Physics by MTG

It's not surprising that most of the physics in the NEET Exam are from the NCERT Book and this book is designed keeping that in mind. Covering all the questions from NCERT book of 11 and 12 class, it is an excellent book to grab your command over all the important NCERT questions that will light up your way for selection in NEET exam.

2) Objective Physics for NEET by Arihant

This NEET Objective book for physics is made by one of the most reputed authors D.C Pandey. Famous among many aspirants of NEET and JEE, it covers every single question and combined together in MCQ format. Covering many important questions, this book is clearly one of the best books out there on the market.

3) Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma

The awe-inspiring author H.C Verma has his name on every student's tongue be it a NEET or JEE aspirant. The main reason for its huge popularity among students is the water clear knowledge it provides. Clearing all the basic concepts, it lets students get into the world of physics by describing every single concept in an easy to understand patterns at the same time covering an extensive range of topics.


1) Objective Chemistry for NEET by Arihant

In the chemistry department, Arihant's Objective Chemistry for NEET tops our list. This highly informative objective book is loaded with the questions that make a sure shot appearance in the NEET papers. This book has been made possible by R.K Gupta, the author of this book, after a thorough research and analysis about the question pattern of NEET exams.

2) Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET Chemistry by MTG

MTG is highly popular because of the quality content it provides the student. This should be on the desk of every single NEET Aspirant. Covering all the important questions along with MCQ for practice makes this a wonderful NEET study material for chemistry.

3) Objective Chemistry by S. Dinesh

Comes in a set of 3 volumes containing; Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, this book is all in one package that will greatly boost your knowledge in every field of chemistry. Properly sorted from easy to the tough questions along with many highly illustrative examples makes the book bang for your buck.

Books play a very vital role in determining one's future. Choosing books wisely is one of the most important things and should be done with utmost research. We already did the hard work for, all you have to do is buy grab one today! Check out our website ( to buy all these top leading books at a very reasonable cost!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Best Tips and Booksfor the Preparation of NEET Exam

Most of the student nowadays are preparing for NEET Exam. Actually, before preparing for NEET Exam, I want to give you some Tips for your preparation. After 10 +2 student who wants to choose graduation in field related to medicine like MBBS, BDS(DENTAL COURSE), or post-graduation (MS/MD) are preparing for NEET EXAM now question is what is NEET Exam it is National Entrance cum Eligibility test which is held every year and more than 1 lakh student are appearing for this Exam.
I just want to give you suggestion that if you're going to crack NEET Exam, then you have to provide more hours to prepare for this Exam. Try to revise the part which you have read in your 12th because that is the basic if your essential is clear you can easily understand the thing from Best Recommended books suggested by top authors. For this exam, you have to follow some NEET Study material you have to give mock test continuously solve sample papers and Question paper.
While studying first thing you have to understand that students should not waste their time on socializing, browsing, etc. because it destroys your concentration towards your Aim it can distract you from your goal, so this is very important to be more confident and motivated for your NEET Exam. There are many other things which you have to avoid and also take some short breaks while studying to prevent mental pressure and in that short breaks do what you like which can fresh your mind for next hours. You can read or watch some motivational book or videos to boost yourself because motivation is an essential part of Competitive Exam Preparation you should feel energetic after this short time break.
Student if you are searching for best NEET biology books or Physics books for NEET you should visit some good Bookstore in the bookstore you can get other publication like Arihant NEET books and MTG NEET books because following good publication’s book plays a vital role for the preparation of NEET Exam.So we are here to help you from the core if you want any Best books for NEET Exam or any other publication just visit or purchase it online from the store name Amit Book Depot, a bookstore based in Chandigarh which will give you more satisfaction while choosing a book for your preparation. We can provide you study material for another competitive exam also just give us a chance to prove.

I hope above article helps you for NEET Exam. we have given you best tips and best books suggestion to follow and I am sure if you will be dedicated for your dream or goal you will successfully achieve it just follow the tips we have given in above article.Nothing is impossible if you are continuously trying, failure is not an option only one option is there, and that is a success. We also provide all study material for NEET preparation to get the more information about you can visit us.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Best Way to Prepare for NEET Exam

Thousands of people prepare for NEET, but some students are selected. What everyone knows about NEET is one of the toughest exams for that student who are preparing for medical study. It is held after the intermediate review for those students to get admission into medical courses in government or private college. In this Exam full completion that’s by students need to make best strategy and preparation for crack the exam.

NEET stands for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam. To crack this exam firstly understands the NEET exam syllabus and pattern. After that, we think about how to make a right schedule or strategy which gives help to study the whole program with proper time management. Instead of those considered essential part material for study. Study NCERT of Physics, Math’s, and Biology. After complete this choose best books for NEET. This would give help to increase the knowledge and easy to understand the topic. These things build up the confidence in students, and it helps to gain or achieve their goal. It is necessary for all those aspiring students who prepare for an exam. A book is the best part of our life which gives the way to do anything and get more knowledge. In exam time, students do not need to waste your time because each minute is having precious time that’s by they always prefer those books which has good quality content and has lots of knowledge with key points.
 A student should not focus on an active section while studying they convert their weakness into the strength. They overcome their gap to solve the sample paper and model test and analyses yourself.

Getting themselves enrolled in good coaching institute would greatly help to increase the knowledge of students and boost preparation because they would teach by an experienced and brilliant person who has guided to students to get a good career in future. As studying physics books for NEET and another subject book written by an author will important role play in their exam preparation. Student purchase the book for that author who is reputed.

In NEET exam physics is one of the hard subjects and due thesethousands of students do not crack the exam. Physics books for NEET exam which helps to give the new idea and way to solve the numerical. Only those books are proffered to study it contains lots knowledge with the short description because it takes less time and students save their time. In less time they get more knowledge because they do not waste their time. If you search this category book, you prefer the Arihant NEET books. It is helpful for you and the best part of this book it contains all thing which is required for exam point of view.

If you are looking the best book for NEET exam of Arihant publication then You can easily shop them Amit book depot, here is good collection and category of book and if you are not able to go then you can visit our official website we also provide the online facility

We hope this article gives you a best way or path to prepare the exam and you for NEET exam. get success

Tuesday, 26 December 2017


NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. This exam is taken for admitting Medical aspirants in Medical Colleges all over India for Medical courses like MBBS, BDS (Dental) or MD OR MS. The student must have opted Science stream with major papers as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Moreover, the student must be minimum 17 years old to give this exam. Every year about 12 lakh students appear for this prestigious exam which has a maximum of 55,455 MBBS seats and 25,900 BDS seats all over India making it one of the toughest exams to crack. Moreover if someone wants to get into good college, the requirement is even higher. Since NEET is a very difficult exam to crack, so it requires well planned strategically way of study and practice.

A huge number of students rush towards various cities and coaching institutes for better knowledge and better grip on their subjects but they end up ruining their career. Books have always been the best friends for humans since ages. This is so true in case of NEET preparation as well. Studying right books not only increase the self esteem and confidence but it also increase the knowledge of the subject which ultimately reflects in the results. Qualifying NEET is not so easy despite of its question level being lower than that of engineering entrance exams. The reason being the large number of questions asked in the exam and comparatively low time given to solve them.

Thus preparation requires high and regular practice to remove errors and silly mistakes and to increase the accuracy to ultimately uplift the result. BOOKS TO BE REFERRED FOR PREPARATION OF NEET:- According to question pattern of NEET exam, NCERT books serve the best quality when it comes to giving the logic. It has also been observed that the points which are mentioned in NCERT books and not elaborated properly tend to create questions in NEET exam. So to get more knowledge, side books are always been preferred. Here is a list of best books in market which give the required knowledge to clear the exam

1. Pradeep's, S.Chand, Dinesh - These side books are very useful as they could be called extended version of the NCERT books. They are very illustrative thus clearing the concepts to much more level than a NCERT book. Moreover, they have large number of practice questions which help students to know about question pattern and trends.

2. MTG Combo NEET, AIPMT 30 years chapter wise solved papers - Since rate of repetition of questions in NEET is much more compared to other competitive exams thus practicing with this book certainly give an edge to students over other candidates. Students can also opt MTG NEET Guide and NEET Explorer.
3. Arihant NEET BOOKS - Arihant Publications is the finest book publisher when it comes to competitive books. Few good books which students may opt are Objective Physics, Objective Chemistry and Exploring Biology. NEET 30 years combo is also a very good book.

 4. Physics and Chemistry books - For theory NCERT and either of Pradeep's, Dinesh or S.Chand is good for both Physics and Chemistry. But for question practice, DC Pandey and HC Verma for Physics and for Chemistry, OP Tondon and RC Mukherjee are the best. **FROM WHERE TO GET THESE BOOKS? Amit Book Depot is the leading wholesale seller of all kind of academic, non academic and competitive books. A person can easily get all the books from this book shop at a very cheap and reasonable price with latest edition. For more details one can also check the site for reference. Beside all this, one should build the theory strong and then proceed towards problem solving part. NCERT books should be most emphasized ones and then one should also join a test series almost six months prior to exam to judge the strong and weak points in the preparations.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Boost Your Preparation for the NEET Exam with Arihant Books

NEET UG or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate is an elite medical entrance exam held after 10+2. Lakhs of students appear in this exam every year for gaining admission in medical and dental courses in various government and private medical colleges of India. It is one of the toughest entrance exams in India and requires intense preparation and a lot of hard work for cracking it successfully.

For achieving success in the NEET exam, you need to focus on certain things like grasping understanding of NEET exam syllabus, following a timetable for study, using NCERT books and best reference books like Arihant NEET books for study, solving sample papers and mock papers besides other things.

Before going ahead with your exam preparation, you first need to gain a thorough understanding of the NEET exam syllabus. So you can know which of the topics in the syllabus are also covered in the board syllabus and which are not. This would save your time in the preparation.

Though studying thoroughly from NCERT books is important for the NEET exam, reference books are also quite important. Reference books written by top authors and published by leading publishers like Arihant help to give you better understanding of the concepts and topics and give you the extra knowledge required for the exam.

Also, form a proper time table for study and stick to it religiously. Frame the time table in such a way so that you can devote adequate time for studying and revising all the concepts, topics and subjects.

Do not study continuously for long hours as it can result in mental and physical fatigue. Insead study one subject for 1 hour 30 hours, then take a short break of 10 minutes and then resume. The breaks will help to rejuvenate you for the next study session.

You should make notes for the exam to save your time as you revise. For practicing what you have memorized, attempt NEET exam sample papers and questions papers of previous years. Participating in mock tests will also help. With them, you can get an idea of the exam pattern, the amount of time taken by you in attempting them and and your accuracy. You should also focus on making your weak areas stronger. If required, do not hesitate to seek help from your co-students and teachers.

While preparing for the exam, be positive and maintain your focus. Maintain your health by eating a good diet and having a sound sleep.

In the NEET exam, attempt those questions first which you feel strong about and leave difficult ones for later. As 1 mark is deducted for a wrong answer, avoid making guesses. As you will get 1 minute for each question, good speed matters. You also need some time for revising your answers.

If you are keen to purchase best reference books like Arihant NEET books besides others for your NEET exam preparation, you can conveniently shop them online or by visiting personally, Amit Book Depot, a prominent book store in Chandigarh.

By following the above stated tips and advice, you can boost your preparation for the NEET exam and attain success in it.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

NEET Preparation From MTG NEET Books

In India every year, a number of students from medical background give their medical entrance
examination which is NEET, to get admission in reputed medical institutions/ colleges. NEET basically is conducted by CBSE. It is the single common medical entrance exam for MBBS and BDS admission in medical and dental colleges in India approved by MCI/DCI. Latest news about the NEET is that question papers of NEET will be uniform for all languages.Students who fulfill eligibility criteria can apply online at CBSE website.

For this, the student studies in good school from a good teacher or a tutor. But a teacher cannot have
the full and detail knowledge unless the teacher himself/ herself does not follow a good book to teach. For NEET preparations there are the variety of books are available in the market and that too from so many publishers. The teacher must follow a book which covers the entire syllabus for the NEET exam, which covers the detailed knowledge about the topics covered, which provide a lot of practice sessions for the students to self-study.

From the market and student's as well as teacher's feedback we got to know the best publisher for NEET preparation books is MTG NEET books. The MTG publisher publishes the NEET books in a large number, even then the publisher takes care of the quality of paper used and most important the quality of material that will be covered in the NEET books published by him. The subject and content are easy to understand and provide the questions for practice. These questions are just like they used to come in in NEET examinations. The questions are in objective forms and they have the options to give the answer. From these options, only one answer will be correct and the student has to choose that correct answer otherwise the student will get negative marking for that question. So to get fully prepared always follow the MTG NEET books from Amit Book Depot. By following this the student can definitely achieve his or
her goal.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Attain Success in NEET Exam with Best Preparation Books

Every year lakhs of students appear in the NEET exam for gaining admission to graduate and postgraduate medical courses in government and medical colleges in India. Cracking NEET-UG exam also known as The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test successfully, would enable aspirants to earn a seat in elite medical colleges. Thus they can realize their dream of becoming a doctor for serving the humanity.

To attain success in the exam, students should have a good understanding of the concepts, topics and subjects taught in their 11th and 12th class. They should revise things taught to them by their teachers and make notes for exam preparation. To gain extra knowledge about the subjects and topics, students should study from the best NEET reparation books written by top and knowledgeable authors.

 To better prepare for the exam, students should get enrolled in a renowned coaching institute. Here they will be taught by expert teachers having years of experience. The institute will let the students take part in mock tests and make them solve sample papers. Here they will also learn  how to solve their exam questions in the least time.

For achieving success in the exam, students need to form an appropriate strategy. They should form a timetable for devoting adequate time to studying various subjects and topics and revising them and should stick to the schedule strictly. They need to study in a focused manner and avoid any distractions which can affect their concentration.

The students’ success would depend on their hard work, patience, confidence and conceptual clarity. They need to maintain a positive attitude during the preparation. The students should sleep well as well as perform physical exercises to maintain their good health. This would thus help them to get rid of stress and anxiety which can otherwise have a negative effect on their preparation and performance.

While appearing in the NEET exam, students should attempt those questions first which they find easy and attempt tough ones later. They should not hang on a single question on more than 5 minutes to avoid wasting time and move on to the next. With better time management, they can attempt all the questions and revise them as well.

If you are student who is keen to appear in the NEET exam and looking for the best recommended books for NEET exam preparation written by top authors, you can easily procure them from Amit Book Depot, a popular book store in Chandigarh. Reading from these books will help you gain a better understanding of important concepts and give you an edge over other exam aspirants.

By following such useful tips mentioned above in the article will help students attain success in the NEET exam and let them realize their goal of becoming a doctor for serving the humanity.

The list of best books to get you through the NEET way!

Are you a NEET Aspirant and want to get selected in the National Eligibility Entrance Test with flying colors? Actually, you are not a...