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Important Tips for NEET Chemistry 2018 Preparation- Books, Topics

NEET Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. If the students have command over this subject, he can score good marks in NEET exam.

Worrying about how to prepare for NEET Chemistry?
Check out the important preparation tips for NEET Chemistry provided in this article and boost up your exam preparation.

Chemistry is divided into three sections- Organic, Inorganic and Physical. Learn how to how to study these sections of NEET Chemistry.

1.     Understand the concept

Understanding the concept is the most important part to prepare for the chemistry section. Clear all the concepts and solve numerical based on it.

2.     Know the Important Topics of NEET Chemistry

To get high scores in the exam you must focus on the important topics first. Some of the do and die chapters of NEET Chemistry are:
·         Aldehydes, Ketones
·         Carboxylic Acids
·         Biomolecules
·         Chemical Kinetics
·         Equilibrium
·         Coordination Compounds
·         P Block elements
·         Redox reactions

3.     Prepare study plan

To study all the topics of NEET Chemistry, prepare a study plan and divide the topics in such a way that you can get the time for revision. Once you prepare a study plan, make sure that you follow it.

4.     Refer good NEET Chemistry Books

Half of your problem is solved if you have the right NEET Chemistry books. There are plenty of books in the market; you have to choose wisely the one which is right for you. NCERT is the best book for NEET preparation.
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For Chemistry preparation, you can but the best NEET Chemistry Books from our bookstore like:
·         Arihant NEET books
·         O.P Tandon
·         Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee

5.     Refer Best NEET Study Material.

NEET Chemistry books, study material, past years’ question papers are some of the essential things you must have while preparing for NEET chemistry.
Choose the NEET study material that consists of the Objective questions and the theory for exam preparation.

6.     Take Mock Tests and Solve Last 10 years’ Papers

Last month before the exam, you must attempt online mock tests to know your preparation level. With the help of question papers and mock tests, you become familiar with the paper pattern of the NEET.

7.     Revision is a must

Make a habit of daily revision. Revise daily what you have studied whole day. Make notes of the important points that will be helpful in the last minute revision for NEET exam.

Follow these tricks for the preparation of NEET Chemistry to crack the exam. Get good scores and make your dream come true to get admission in top medical colleges of the country.

Friday, 6 April 2018

NEET Study Material 2018 and Complete Comprehensive NEET Guide

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test abbreviated as NEET was previously known as AIPMT. From 2016 onwards, NEET becomes the single medical entrance exam of the country.

Every year lakhs of candidates prepare for the exam and some of them able to live their dreams of a successful doctor.
But thousands of medical students could not make up to their dreams as they cannot afford the expensive study material provided by coaching institutes or shops.

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At AmitBookDepot, Chandigarh, you will not only get the video lectures for each chapter for all the NEET Subjects, but you can also have access to the top NEET Study Material which is designed by the Experts who have years of Knowledge in this field. Also, you will get the in-depth knowledge of all the topics while going through the study material.

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NEET Biology Books, Physics and Chemistry books provided at our bookstore are highly recommended by the teachers and toppers and consist of the books of the well-known authors.

Also, the NEET Study material provided here covers the entire NEET Syllabus of all the three subjects. The easy to understand format helps students in their easy preparation of the exam. It also includes the solved previous year’s question papers of NEET to help the candidates to know the level and type of questions asked in the exam.

Highlights of NEET Study Material

The study material of NEET consists of the following things:

·         Comprehensive NEET study modules.
·         Exercise after each topic.
·         Complete understanding of theory and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
·         High-level questions to match the difficulty level of NEET.
·         Prepared for the complete analysis of last 10 years NEET question papers.
·         NEET Solved papers for practice.

NCERT Books are considered to be the best NEET Study Material. If you go through each and every line of NCERT book, you can easily score more than 75% marks in your exam. These books cover the maximum of the portion of the exam.

Now, to study the additional points you can refer the NEET Study Material and books provided at our bookstore.

NEET 2018 Exam is approaching. Choose wisely the best books for NEET and study material and clear the exam in one go. Follow the advice given by the toppers which can help you in your preparation.

Do your best candidates. All the best for the exam!

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Best NEET Books For 2018

These are special books, powerfully edited and have confirmed to set curriculum standards.  They are easy to read because the printer has put in consideration the challenges that come along with reading. Font sizes are large enough to suit everyone.  The colors, graphics, and style have been included and description put adjacent for easy understanding. Brief sentences with clarity. They also have the beautiful outlook that stands out in at glance. The books are eye-catching and meaningful to the reader. The back of the book cover, they contain short synopsis that guides the reader on the content in the book. Neet books provide new information with very good and clear content. The author of the books that we sell has good credentials that cannot be compared to any other. Our books go through an evaluation whereby we have them revised to ensure the content of the book is credible sourced and relevant.

Amit Book Depot
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NEET books are the best for studies they have all the academic information you require. The books are published from some part of NEET exam. Neet books are the right books that can help and lead the learners to cover the whole syllabus. While the learners use these books they are assured of excelling in their exams. This is because the literature used to publish the books is simple and self-explaining to the learners.These set of books have been fully certified by the examination board. That is why at Amit book depot, Chandigarh we have full responsibility to sell the products without fear. The stock at our bookshop is done in relevance with the ministry of education thus earn us the trust. In comparison to our perceived competitors, we confirm there is no much. It’s at the click of a button that you will be able to the prices of NEET books.

There are several refers done to us due to our excellent service over the years that has put us on the front line. This has made the NEET book proud because the syllabus concept is key and fundamental especially on physics, chemistry, and biology.It is very important not to pay a fortune to buy ordinary books or any book from the bunch. These books may not have the right content if at all you are aiming to excel. That’s why we recommend you to choose the Neet books they are always at the lead to wrap it all buy the NEET books available at Amit book depot, Chandigarh to secure good future.

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Preparing for NEET exam 2018? 5 tips on how to strategies biology exam

As we know every medical student have a dream to become a sacksful doctor in their life some people have born dream and some decide after 12th standard that they want to see as a doctor in their future life. And make their dream true they do very hard work while preparation still get failed that means they need to do something different from other people. Lakhs of student appear in this entrance exam every year. Competition is very high In order to get admission in good college then your mission should not be just crack the exam. You have to get the good score in this exam then you will be eligible for the top college. And this is possible when you are working hard as well as the smart and according to time. Make your own plan and strategies and follow them. I am going to mention some tips that will surely help you.

   1.Make a plan and follow it

As you know already there are three types of question pattern for every exam. Start your preparation according to weightage of NEET exam. Give time to every subject daily because your target is to get high rank in this examination so have to give time for every subject equally.

    2.Must attempt

Some topics we have mentioned in don’t forget attempt these topic in your examination because that topics are very important and help you to crack your exam, as well as they, get good rank like Cell structure, biotechnology, photosynthesis, genetics, Evolution, Cellular, plant morphology etc. all these topics you must prepare while your preparation for NEET exam.

    3.Give your best

While your preparation for biology exam then you have to give your best to some selected topics because those topics are hard as well as the most important for your exam. Topics are digestion & Absorption, breathing & exchange of gases, Animal Reproduction and development, Biological classification and ecology etc.

4. Do if you have enough time

In this section we mainly cover the Animal Kingdom, Anatomy of Flowering plants growth and development, Animal Tissues etc. topic planet and Animalia you have to prepare very carefully because those topics are very time to consume and having more important for your exam so its mandatory for good rank and would like to recommend to see the example in NCERT along with the common names. And prepare Cell biology, plant physiology and Biomolecules from your class 11th syllabus according to previous year question paper and NEET books for AIPMT examination.

5. Do practice to become better

Your daily practice plays the most vital role in your activity if your preparing for any exam so don’t leave to do practice on daily basis. And solve the previous exam question paper that is the only way you can judge yourself how hard you are preparing for your exam and how much you have done .and find out yourself what is your weak point then work on that subject and topic surely you will get good rank in your examination for which you are preparing. As you know biology is not an easy subject you have to work hard for that subject.

Monday, 26 March 2018

How to Prepare For NEET 2018 without Coaching

When students pass board exam then they go under lots of pressure to choose their stream, not only board exam, people want to go for higher education. To decide your career, not an easy task its little bit panic. Don’t worry give some time for yourself it’s concerned about your career you should take time to choose your career? You have many options to start your career in engineering, doctor. Explore your knowledge and find out your strength in which you have more and your weakness. Once you have done this then start your preparation and go forward in your career all the best. You can do by own no need to take coaching anywhere and one thing always keep in your mind “Everything is possible”.

When your exam comes near no matter how many books you have read, the matter is that how much you are prepared for your exam. You are giving proper time to your study but still, it’s looking impossible. The word back to you as you have really insulted the book by you just picking up. At that time you just need to boost your confidence little bit. Whenever you feel stressed, lack of motivation there is many encouraging words there to keep the spark in your light. I have mentioned some useful tips below which you should add to your daily schedule then you will achieve success in your career. Here some general instructions which have been directed for all the students preparing for any competitive exam. We should follow tips student preparing for NEET Exam.

What’s the time?

Before doing study schedule your time and equally distributed in each subject. Whenever you practice for your mock test make a frame according to the examination time. Suppose you conduct your exam 10:00 to 01:00 your question paper should be finish or attempt before the time and till the time. And also feel atmosphere like you are your exam hall for three hours. It will help you a lot in terms you will get short of an idea about how to complete you’re as if it really takes place.

The loom of time.

As much your preparation is more important for you to keep practicing your topics. By which you can freshen up what you have learned. Your practice will make sense to express yourself in words and you’re capable of exam or not. Sometimes what happens we prepare our paper and practice earlier three months at the time of your NEET Exam fall into ring oblivion? More practice more solutions. Whenever you’re finding the solution for any problem give the proper time for that problem.

Mark the spot

In these days syllabus of your exam become so vast it seems that no possible to grapes all topics. Because generally students read topics from different books but keep track of those topics which you have covered. It's better to write down all the formulae’s in a single copy and topic which you are going to cover that day. It will help you and save your time you do not need to jump back to page repeatedly.for more information you can go through this Url.

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NEET Exam and Recommended Books

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the entrance test conducted by CBSE for the students who want to study undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses like MBBS, BDS, MS/MD in government & private colleges. NEET Exam replaced All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) in 2013 and this is one of the prominent exams in our country conducted by CBSE.

It is widely known that medical studies are very hard. In order to crack the exam with flying colors, students need to study very hard. For this purpose collection of right study material of related subject is very important. But they always face the problem of collecting NEET recommended books for their preparation. The exam is basically based on three of science subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology. These subjects can be covered from 11th & 12th NCERT books. Arihant NEET study material is also a good option for the preparation as it covers all topics with multiple questions of every three of subjects. Apart from this, MTG publication is also a good option for the best preparation.

For a good preparation availability of right study material at the right time is very important and for this online & offline mode can be taken into consideration by the students. Many of them prefer to purchase offline & many of them prefer online purchasing. If a student chooses the offline mode, he will have to search here & there for the shops and will have to spend convince of traveling. What if they prefer online purchasing?  Then we “Amit Book Depot” are here to give our service.

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Get Your Desired NEET Books – Amit Book Depot is one of the best platforms for finding the best NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) books. We provide the books of various publications such MTG NEET Books, Arihant NEET Books, NEET Biology Books, Physics Books for NEET Exam, various study materials and others for the students. Usually, students feel stress while going to purchase these books due to its unavailability most of the times.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is an entrance examination which draws thousands of aspirants from all over the country per year. This is one of the most prestigious exams to get entrance in the various medical institutions of the country

Cracking this exam is a major achievement for the students, going by the fact that it is the most prominent medical exam in the country. Every aspiring medical professional wish to get into NEET and the competition levels are quite steep as well that's why it needs the suitable preparation which is of the utmost importance.

At the same time, if you are finding the best NEET preparation books then most of the times students face the difficulty and this is a quite struggling time for the aspirants indeed just in the quest of your desired book. This quest doesn't end at local bookstores and other outlets as well. Also, if they are indeed available at well-known book-store, they usually it comes at higher prices which are often obstacles to many students who cannot afford this strain on their pockets.

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Our Mission -

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Important Tips for NEET Chemistry 2018 Preparation- Books, Topics

NEET Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. If the students have command over t...